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Industrial Surface Preparation & Coating Solutions Specialists

About Us

Established in 2011 Taylor Protective Coatings Ltd offer sector specific solutions for industrial blast cleaning and protective coatings.  Utilising the latest application technologies across a comprehensive range of industries, TPC Ltd pride ourselves on time efficient and effective results. Our experienced team offer bespoke on-site applications or facilitate projects within our 24,000 sq ft purpose-fit Cardiff workshop, housing a 20 tonne lifting capacity.

 Whatever our assignment, we strive to maintain the highest level of service and safety standards, from the outset through to completion.

Our Affiliates


Thermal Compaction Group is a green business focused on sustainable waste solutions.  Their processes can reduce disposal costs, and where possible, create a new revenue stream.
TCG Ltd are best known for their award winning Sterimelt machine - a world first technology for the sustainable recycling of clinical sterilisation wrap used in healthcare across the world and being utilised in our NHS right now.

Taylor Environmental's Consultants  provide strategic sustainability assessment services to support with the identification and implementation of sustainability solutions for masterplans and projects.
They are able to audit and assess your downstream waste and recycling contractors both for hazardous and non hazardous wastes, providing full duty of care assessments and compliance.

Commercial Painting

Stitch in Time Industrial Sewing Ltd

An Independent company based in Barry, South Wales, with more than 35 years experience in commercial and industrial sewing.

SIT Ltd deliver a quality service throughout the UK, that meeting customer requirements at competitive prices.

shot blasting,South Wales

Insulwatt Ltd

Insulwatt Ltd can provide heating solutions for the injection moulding industry.
The product range includes standard heaters, cartridge heaters, thermocouples and the patented Insulwatt™ insulated heaters.  
Heaters can be specially manufactured outside of the standard stock range to fit bespoke requirements.

Unit 7-8 Curran Buildings
Curran Road
United Kingdom
CF10 5NE

07570 247708

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